Brand Strategy

It’s not marketing. It’s knowing who to market to, what to say and how to say it.

It’s not a logo. It’s deciding what people will feel about you, before design starts.

brand strategy is where we take a moment to understand your goals, values and culture before getting busy with marketing.

It’s where we look at your market, the people whose live you are going to change, and work out what they really need.

It’s where we look at your resources and capabilities, and devise an action plan according to your budget.

It’s where we wind all of that into a coherent strategy so you can launch with confidence and energy.

it’s not rocket science.

It’s a map. Know where you’re going, and how you’re getting there. Give it to your team and travel the road together.

It’s clarity. If you don’t do brand strategy consciously, everyone who works with and for you will do it unconsciously.

It’s you. Your company is an entity. Make it an integrated, cogent one, that people remember and rely on.

No one knows you better than you.

How does it work?


It starts with your core team plus two of us in a room or on a call. The workshop runs between 8-12 hours, usually over two days.


We disappear for a few weeks and translate the results of our meeting into a strategy, adding in additional research where needed. (Don’t be surprised if we pester you a little though.)

We deliver, you rock.

After we deliver you a clear strategy, one that you created yourselves, you’re ready to let your team do the fun stuff. 

You can use your brand strategy overview to create your assets internally, or hand it over to your designers and marketers you love to work with.

If needed though we’ll be thrilled to help you with:


Starting with stylescapes (mood boards but better), we aim to represent your brand visually with a style guide and logo.


A guide, fully illustrated with examples to give you a huge head start, to creating copy in your unique voice.


Websites are a combination of style, voice and message, really being a central reference point for your brand. We partner with specialists.