We’re being pushed by old myths into a future that no one wants (even the folks who believe them the most).

We create better myths that turn people into heroes so they can save the world and slay some monsters (hint, you are the sword).

A great brand turns people into heroes.
We work with ambitious companies to change the myths of the world.

Things we help with…

Brand Strategy

Define your company’s culture and voice to maximise the impact of your marketing and design. This is our speciality and all our deliverables below start with brand strategy, but we offer it standalone if you just need your direction.


Keep your communication on-brand and on-message with ease. Our messaging deliverable includes everything you need to produce content and socials forever. 

Visual Style

Translate your brand strategy into a complete visual style that anyone can use to support your brand.

Web design

Messaging + style = website! Launch a custom branded website with carefully structured information architecture. We design and hand off to specialised developers.  

Governments won’t save us
but businesses like yours give us the choices we need to save ourselves.

We’re about community, empathy, and the future.

Everyone is our friend. We don’t judge people – we show them a better way.

Your way.